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Summer Dreams.

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When Your Heart Stops Beating.

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Grands Tsingy, Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar.

Picture of the Month.

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8 Days and Counting!

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The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver is going to be epic. Here are a few reasons why…

Paul Stastny

Colorado Avalanche Forward + Missing Teeth = Golden

Shaun White

Snowboard + Innovation = Killer Runs

Johnny Weir

Performer + Eccentric = Hilarious, but Amusing

Apollo Ohno

No explanation needed.

Nadal, Nadal, Nadal.

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Although Nadal had to withdraw from the Australian Open, because of his knee, he still is my favorite. My only wish was that he could have played in more matches…

Mad props to Federer though. Way to come out on top Rodger!

A Game That Starts With Love.

How can you not love a man that looks like Rafael Nadal? Love the new haircut, love the smile, love the tennis skills, love that his knees are better and love that he’s competing in the US Open.

Best Workout Ever.

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